Aging report in tally

//Aging report in tally

There are 2 aging report in tally

1) Stock Item aging report
2) Outstandings Ledger wise aging report.
What is an aging report in tally? An ageing report is invoice outstanding amount due for a long period of time. These invoice can be classified as bad debts or provisions can be created for such losses in the books of accounts depending on the results of ageing reports.In Tally ERP, the ageing reports can be applied on Ledger or Group Outstandings and invoice wise Receivables or Payables screen.
To view ledger wise aging report in tally, Go to Gateway of Tally -> Display -> Statement of Accounts-> Outstandings -> Payables / Receivables -> Age Wise (F6)
The period is user defined. User can give any period intervals as desired as shown below:
aging report in tally
You can take group wise aging report also. Fro Gateway of Tally -> Display -> Statements of Accounts -> Outstandings > Group
To view Stock Item group Wise: From Gateway of Tally -> Display -> Inventory Books -> Ageing Analysis -> Select the group.
Advantage of Stock aging Report: You can get the moving and non-moving items report. This will help you re-ordering or thinking about giving more discount to clear out non-moving items.

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