Bill wise details in tally

//Bill wise details in tally

why you need a bill wise details in tally?

Because Bill wise details in tally is optional that you can enable or disable. If you want settle receipts and payments bill by bill wise and aging report, then bill wise details in tally option must be enabled. Did you know that you can enable bill wise details in tally for your trading and non-trading accounts also to track all your bills and get your outstanding reports easily?
From Gateway of Tally > F11: Accounting Features > Maintain Bill-wise Detail and for
Non-Trading A/cs also Set ‘Yes’ as shown in the picture below.
Bill Wise Details in Tally In the account receivable leadger (Sundry Debtors) or account payable account (Sundry Creditors) or a non-trading account like ‘Loans and Advances (Assets) set the Bill wise details option to yes as hown in the picture below.Bill Wise Details in Tally
Now you have an easy and quicker method available in Tally for single or multiple bill settlement. With the new
‘Bill Settlement’ capability, you can settle multiple outstanding bills directly from the ‘Ledger Outstanding’ report itself. To do this follow these steps:
1) From Gateway of Tally > Statements of Accounts > Outstandings > Ledger
2) Select the ledger you want to settle.
3) Press Alt+B or Bill settlement button on the right side.

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