Chart of Accounts in tally

//Chart of Accounts in tally

The chart of account in tally is the list of accounts in tally

The chart of account in tally, list of accounts in tally, chart of account creation in tally, Pre-defined Groups in Tally and master creation in tally are almost same thing in tally.

Chart of Accounts in Tally PDF download here
Chart of account creation is the 2nd step after creating a company in an accounting software. When you create a company in tally, by default, tally will give you a chart of account. This chart of account consists 30 items (if the company is accounts with inventory option). Out of this 30 items 28 are groups and 2 ledgers (with red arrow pointer) as shown in the picture below. From the Gateway of Tally -> Display -> List of Accountschart of accounts in tallyThis 28 groups are in 2 level. The first level (root) consists of 15 groups. The 2nd level (sub group of the first level) is 13. So 15 + 13 = 28. 
Note: This 28 groups are read only. Means, you can’t delete it. But you can re-name it. It is strongly advised not to do, unless you know what you are doing.
From the picture, you can make out the first level and and the 2nd level and the ledgers are stepped. The beauty of Tally is, you now create any level (unlimited). And every level you can add unlimited groups. So chart of accounts consists of groups and ledgers.
Remember: Groups and ledgers are not same. Ledgers are accounts heads. You can make transactions with ledgers. But you can’t make transactions with groups. Because, depending the type of ledgers, you put them in different groups. For example, your customer is a ledger and you put all your customers in a group. The customer groups in tally is Sundry Debtors. Like wise a supplier group is Sundry Creditors. So you have to define a Tayota Car goes under Fixed Assets Group, your banks goes under Bank Accounts, and you owner goes under Capital Account etc.

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