How to create purchase invoice in tally?

//How to create purchase invoice in tally?

The situation for Create purchase invoice in tally can be various. It can be a stock item purchase for re-sale (for Trading companies), it can be a non stock item, it can be a Fixed Assets, office supplies etc. Secondly the purchase can be mainly 2 types. A credit or cash purchase. However a Purchase voucher is used to record all the Purchase transactions of the company.

How to create purchase invoice in tally?

From Gateway of Tally -> Accounting Vouchers then
Shortcut F9 or Click on Purchase Button on your right button Bar.


As we discussed in sales invoice creation, purchase can also be item invoice or account invoice.
sales invoice in tally
An account purchase invoice can be a service purchase. Custom Duty, Couriers charges, Auditing charge, transportation etc.
For example, if you are purchasing goods from a Supplier-1 for a value of SR. 35000/-
The accounting transaction should be like this:
a) Debit Purchase Account (there is no default purchase ledger in tally. You have to create one under Purchase Account group.)
b) Credit Party Account (this case, it is Supplier-1)
Create purchase invoice in tally

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