Merge two companies in tally

//Merge two companies in tally

How to merge two companies in tally?

Presently by default there is no merge two companies in Tally. Literally merging 2 companies in tally means merging or amalgamating or combining two company data into one database. Then what is possible in tally for such situation? Infact if you want to get the combined financial reports of two companies is possible by default.


Physically nothing happening to both the companies. This case Tally creates a third company named Group Company, in which tally creates the combined financial reports. Any time you can delete this Group Company and nothing happens to the participant company data.
To merge two companies in tally, open all the companies at the same time (2 or more companies can be grouped). From the Gateway of Tally -> Press F3 or Comp Info Button -> Create Group Company.
Give the details as shown in the picture.merge two companies in tally

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