Optional voucher in tally

//Optional voucher in tally

why you need optional voucher in tally?

Because you may need optional voucher in tally in many occasions. for example there is no Quotation, no Purchase Requisition in tally. There is no Performa Invoice in Tally. But you can make all these by optional voucher in tally. One of the other situation is, suppose if have an incomplete transaction, and you do not want that transaction to affect the accounts, you can mark this as an Optional Voucher. Once this transaction is complete, then go to that voucher modify the voucher status to Regular and save it. For example, Proforma sales invoice. In fact, an optional sales invoice prints as a Proforma Invoice by default.
But in the printing option, you can change it anything you want. For example, for Quotation you will change it to Quotation. You got the idea?

Optional voucher in tally use for the following situations

  • For making Quotations
  • For making Purchase Requisition
  • For printing a Proforma Invoice
  • Vouchers Staging for Approval
  • Optional Vouchers can be used to forecast future sales. For example, Create a New Voucher Type – Sales Forecast. Record future sales projections using this voucher type.
  • Any incomplete transactions
  • To see the impact of transactions without actually posting them.

How alter or create optional voucher in tally?

From Gateway of Tally Accounts Info > Voucher Types -> Create / Alter then do as shown in the picture below:
optional voucher

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