Order cancellation in tally

//Order cancellation in tally

The order cancellation in tally how?

order cancellation in tallyThe complete order cancellation in tally or some items of an order cancellation in tally is the Pre-Closure of Orders in Tally ERP 9. Did you know that Tally ERP 9 offers a simple and intuitive Pre-closure of orders process eliminating the need to go through a time consuming order adjustment procedure?
For any business dealing with sales or purchase orders, a requirement may arise
to Pre-Close orders due to various reasons like order cancellations, lack of stocks,
goods returned due to defects etc. Pre-Closing orders affects the inventory report and it is extremely important for a business to get accurate inventory reports.
For example, a sale of goods involves receiving the order and raising the sales
invoice against the goods delivered. The same cycle also applies for purchase of goods.
When this sales or purchase cycle does not happen completely due to partial fulfillment
of orders, a business owner usually has to close the orders. Earlier, these orders were
listed under ‘Pending sales or purchase Orders’ but now, Tally.ERP 9 has simplified the
Pre-Closure of Orders process and users can now manually close the orders either from
the Pending Sales/Purchase Orders reports or directly from the Order Voucher itself.
Users can also include remarks while closing the orders and these remarks can be
tracked from the Order Summary reports. Sales or Purchase Orders also can be closed
· Purchase/Sales Order (in Alteration mode)
· Receipt/Delivery Note
· Purchase/Sales Invoice
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