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Peachtree Accounting Software Now known as Sage 50


Can be a computerized accounting system which allows users to post entries to journals, ledgers, and subsidiary ledgers all at once. well suites for contractors, construction companies.

The simple  principles of accounting , you understand about debits and credits. No more multiple entries. Peachtree enables you to enter the information one time into the appropriate journal, it posts everywhere else to suit your needs. for example, y ou are able to enter the first entry in cash disbursements, cash received  or in the overall journal. It saves a ton of time and headache.

Peachtree may also make adjusting and closing entries to suit your needs in the end of the period with all the push of a button. It’s really user friendly. It’ll generate balance sheets, income statements, statements of retained earnings, and money flow statements. It’ll print and keep track of invoices (both sent and also the invoice numbers of those received), it’ll print collection letters. It also keeps track of vendors, customers, and employees. It maintains vendor info, like contact people, phone numbers, addresses, and purchase history. It could be accustomed to keep track of customers and certain customer attributes, too as purchase and payment history, also it could also keep a listing of employees, employee information(dresses, phone numbers, social security numbers. It’ll prepare and print payroll checks . It’s many different built-in formats and still can be copied and redesign to suite your needs, of any printable document (purchase orders, sales invoices, paychecks, regular checks for payments, etc. It’s pretty easy to learn and there is quite a lot of documentation and video tutorials to help you out. It really is among probably the most user friendly accounting software packages available.