Quotation in tally ERP

//Quotation in tally ERP

By default there is no quotation in tally.

But it can be done through optional vouchers.
Quotation in tally, Step by Step tutorial, how to create quotation in tally.
1) From the Gateway of Tally -> F11 (Company Features) -> Accounting Features -> Budgets & Scenario Management -> Use Reversing Journal & Optional Vouchers -> set “Yes”.
2) From the Gateway of Tally -> F11 (Company Features) -> Inventory Features -> Order Processing -> Allow Sales Order Processing -> set to “Yes”.
3) From the Gateway of Tally -> Inventory Vouchers -> Alt+F5 to Select “Sales Order” -> Ctrl + L to Set “Optional” -> Create “Quotation” like delivery Note and save it. as shown picture below.
quotation in tally
Print as follows:
quotation in tally 2

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