Remove duplicate stock items in tally

//Remove duplicate stock items in tally

How to remove duplicate stock items in tally? How to merge 2 stock items in tally? How to merge two or more stock items into one item in tally?. 10 follow Step-by-step instructions to do this.


Verify both items unit of measure are the same.
We have tested Merging of two stock items with Tally ERP 9 Release 3.0 only
Please note that this can be done only by professional who have good knowledge about Tally xml structure and xml import export in Tally.
To remove duplicate stock items in Tally ERP 9.
suppose you have 2 Stock Items like “Stock Item-1″ and “Stock Item-2” and you need to remove “Stock Item-2” or merger “Stock Item-2” into “Stock Item-1”. Tally will not allow to delete any item which have transactions. In this case, infact you are not deleting any stock item. But you want to merge two items to avoid duplicates stock items. This is happened because of you wrong data entry.

10 Step-by-step instructions

1) Take backup of your Tally data for safety purpose before doing the following the following actions.
Change Tally ERP configuration settings
2) Select option “Gateway of Tally -> F12 -> General”
3) Set the option “Overwrite Vouchers during Import” to Yes
Set the period in Tally ERP 9
Select option “Gateway of Tally -> Alt+F2? and set the period. for example if you have vouchers for three years, set the period accordingly so that the whole data is accessible.(the daybook must show all transactions irrespective of your current financial period)
Export Tally ERP data in XML file in to some location of your computer.
4) Select option “Gateway of Tally -> Display -> Daybook -> Alt+F2? and set the full-period
5) Next, export Tally ERP 9 data using “Alt+E” in XML format.
Now you need to make changes in your exported XML data
6) Open the file “Daybook.xml” (the exported daybook file in step No:5) in Notepad and find/replace all occurrences of the “Stock Item-2? with “Stock Item-1?.
7) Save the Daybook.xml file
Import data in Tally ERP 9
8) Select option “Gateway of Tally ->Import of Data -> Vouchers”.
9) Specify the file-name (ex: daybook.xml) and press enter to import it.
Verify the Vouchers in Tally ERP 9
Select option “Gateway of Tally -> Display -> Daybook” and check vouchers to verify the merging-process.
10) verify all stock report and financial report that everything is correct for your safety.

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