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Tally Data SyncronizationTally synchronization refers to some process wherein data is replicated between two or maybe more locations.It enables the branch offices to send data for the head office and vice versa, on the netor perhaps a private network. Data synchronization can be a two-way process; i.E., every one of the data pertaining to masters and transactions from your client company (branch) are transferred for the server (head office) and all similar data from your server are copied for the client.

The computer where data synchronization is initiated is termed as the client as well as the computerwhich has got the data that’s to be synchronized using the client’s data may be the termed as server.

Data sync changes in tally.Erp 9

data synchronization in tally.Erp 9 is available as:

1)  Sync using tally.Net server.

2) Sync through private network (also referred as direct/ip sync)

It is possible to make use of tally.Erp 9 silver (single user) at both the ends to synchronize data.
Using tally.Net server
The way of data synchronization using tallylink server has been changed in tally.Erp 9.

Going forward synchronization is going to be available being a service through the tally.Net framework. To

use this service, you will need a valid tally.Net subscription as well as the tally.Erp 9 server company

has to be connected to tally.Net server in the time of synchronization.

Using private network (direct /ip sync)
direct- client and server capability for synchronization through a private network is incorporated being a default feature of tally.Erp 9 series a release 1.0 onwards. To make use of this feature you don’t need to pay any additional charges.

With major technology enhancements in the item, synchronization will now be available through tally.Net server.
In the latest framework, you will need to connect to tally.Net at server end to synchronize data across server and client.