voucher types in tally

//voucher types in tally

Why there is voucher types in tally?

You may need to record various transaction to your accounting system. Depending on the type of transaction, tally provides different voucher types to record these transactions. Depending upon the selection of the voucher types, intelligent accounting system like Tally ERP provides voucher types that will will automatically make Debit / Credit amount to selected account depending on the voucher type. Further Tally gives a single entry mode to make the data entry much easier for the user.To get the complete idea, you may need to go through all the voucher types in tally.

What are the importance of voucher types in tally?

It is for recording different natures of transactions. However, if you require further Voucher Types that function like the one of the existing type, you can create New Voucher Types and give different Voucher Numbering Series.The Voucher Type facility is great as you can make several alternates of each pre-fixed Voucher Type. For example, for Sales Voucher, it may be convenient to have several Voucher Types like Cash Sales, Credit Sales, Export Sales, etc. By creating separate voucher types for them, you can independently configure their numbering scheme, layout, etc. You can make filtering by Voucher Type wise in DayBook and get reports.

what are the default voucher types in tally?

There are 22 voucher types in tally without payroll vouchers. which is shown below picture.voucher types in tally

How to create new voucher types in tally?

To create a Voucher Type,
Go to Gateway of Tally > Accounts Info or Inventory Info > Voucher Type > Create.
Creating Voucher Type
Follow the steps shown in picture below.
Voucher Types Creation in TallyERP
Voucher Types alteration in TallyERP

How to alter a voucher type in tally?

As shown above picture Go to Gateway of Tally > Accounts Info or Inventory Info > Voucher Type > Alter.

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