Using account codes in tally or stock item codes in tally. Remember Tally is a codeless program. But if you want, you can use it. How? Remember Tally is a codeless program. Account codes are old style. Tally approach with accounting code is, to complete it without any account codes or stock item codes. Just regular names can be used in Tally ERP Accounting without any codes.Tally ERP allows accounting with the regular names (the way you spell them or use in normal parlance) without any account codes. In the listing it automatically query the word you typed from any part of the name matching. But still you want to use codes, it is possible by using the alias field.account codes in tally
There is a minor disadvantage using codes in tally. Since it is “alias” this item will show as double in all listings. But there is a small customization which makes the code and item name will show in one line. The situation is same if you use “Part No” field for stock items and stock item alias field. The situation is same if you use language alias also.

if you use account codes in tally, Note:

But in the financial reports, you can modified as desired.
From Gateway of tally F12 -> Genetal
tally alias style