You need to check out certain features to find the best accounting software available in the market. In the following sections we will describe how?  The user level or data entry level, administrator level and business owner level are the most important. A best accounting software  must have a remote data access facility. An internet user may have to access the system and the reports on the fly. The business owner may always traveling. A handy laptop and internet connection is more than enough to access the company data anytime from anywhere. The best accounting software must have multiple support service system in case anything went wrong. The delay of support in a busy business hour may cause substantial profit loss.

1) The major accounting advantages.
Accounting has been defined as the art of saving, summarizing and classifying
Fiscal money exchange in an important way. Tally preserve journal clever stability and
Present net debit or credit balance for a ledger. Using Reverse journal to make transient journal
vouchers to have intermediate Profit and Loss and Balance sheet. Tally offers numerous choices
for interest calculation. While simple mode meets need of common people, advance mode is meant
for people having complex need like penal interest.
2) The major inventory advantages.
Tally meets special needs for calculation of data in and Excise Duty
Invoice-Cum Gate Pass. It gives options to change the device in line with the usefulness
of Excise duty provision. In case of purchase the extra cost may be allocated to items to
Get to the effective cost of purchase also called Landing cost. Tally gives you the essential
Function and rates through optional voucher program.
3) The major payroll advantages.
Tally ERP 9 Payroll also covers an extensive range of functions including:

Develop and maintain the employee database viz. contact/personal/bank account/statutory details etc., expat details like work permit, Visa and passport
Staff team or section wise categorisation
Presence, overtime, leave or generation facts
Numerous salary structures for different categories of workers for example, department-wise salary structures and processing
Support Salary revision and defaults calculation both retrospective and as prospective change
Tracking of loans and advance paid to employees and identifying multiple criteria for recovery of such improvements (single or multiple obligations from the employee’s salary)
Total help to apply Provident Fund and Worker Insurance Plans. Supports Gratuity as per the specified conditions

Benefits of using Tally ERP 9 Payroll

Time used on control earnings and paper work could be paid off to an excellent degree
Timely and accurate pay running. Salary formula against employee attendance is significantly easier. Make the Payment Advice to instruct the lender for wage payment
Payslips may be published, exported to Excel or sent to the particular workers
All payroll-related reports may be created with the click of a button. Above all, the Payroll function is completely integral with Accounts
5) The major Remote Data Access advantages.
Tally user will continue steadily to enjoy all newest Product & Statutory characteristics Tally user can/allow access data Remotely – Data Connectivity between HO & BO Tally user may ask CA for Remote Audit — Managing Company Audit Remotely Data Synchronization between HO & BO — Entire Branch Management system. Tally new version updates. Access Tally data safely any time from anywhere over internet.