Branch Accounting Tally
is very simple. Now your Branch Offices Are merely like another room in your own office.
There’s a huge quantity of communication, sharing of information and co-ordination required among Head-office, Warehouse, Manufacturer and the Branch Offices. Lack of a suitable solution to share information can lead to inefficient, report based, source consuming operations.
Essential Tally.ERP 9 characteristics for effective Branch Management are:
Tally.ERP 9 helps Branch Management, helping you to provide and speak information. The machine allows two-way communications thereby reducing paper use and redundant procedures, improving effectiveness for over all growth.

Branch Accounting in Tally using Information Synchronisation:

Synchronisation identifies the activity of Business Information between several locations say, HO to Branch Office. This gives information to be sent by a Branch Office to the Head Office in a secure way. You could choose to share information on a regular fashion and set the time & date. Sharing business information involving the locations is really a single click away, after the Synchronisation has been setup.
Main User Management – a blessing to Corporate Offices:
Business Users in your organization are spread across various branch offices and manufacturing plants. You might also have a policy requiring people every few weeks to change passwords. It is possible to make the most of the ease-of password management and central user and even control these centrally from your Head-office.

Department Administration using Rural Access:

Want to have real-time access to your Branch offices or Manufacturing plants. This service gives you an instant one-click connect with your different company locations. You are able to choose to specify which part company is available remotely. You choose which remote users have access; you decide what access a remote user gets.

Department Management through Multi-Company & Consolidation:

Tally.ERP 9 also allows users to group companies and therefore provides a consolidated report for that companies grouped in order to enable the management to examine the performance of the business at a HO or Group Company level. Any changes done in any one of the branch organizations, is updated in the HO. Tally.ERP 9 also allows the user to make multiple levels of group companies.
Tally.ERP 9 provides its customers the facility for creating and maintaining a variety of companies.