How to change password in tally? Remove password?

To change password in tally, suppose you want to change the administrator password. For this, you must first go to edit (Alter) mode of that specific company. Then change it. We will explain the procedure Step by Step.
1) first open that company in tally with administrator username and password (if there is security)
2) From the Gateway of Tally click Comp Info (button) or Alt+F3
3) Select “Alter” from the menu available
4) Tally will show list of companies. select the one, you want to delete.
5) Tally will show show the company alteration screen. Now you can change it.
6) Tally will give you warning not to forget the password.
7) Press yes, yes until it ask you to save.

If you want to remove a password

first you must know the old password.
continue the 1 to 7 steps in the previous procedure.
8) Under security Control section, set “Use Security Control” option to “No” as shown in the picture below. It will ask the old password, type the old password and enter, enter until it ask to save it.
change password in tally