To create credit note in tally is very easy and simple. What is a credit note in tally? It can be credit entry for the the party ledger. For example, a customer purchased a 10 items and returned 2 items then you have to credit note in tally. Credit Note As the name suggest an instrument or a note which is related with CREDIT. A Debit note is an opposite meaning to a Credit Note. Debit and Credit notes, in accounts people have to deal with quite often. In simple manner, a sales return is the Credit Note and a purchase return is the Debit Note. However irrespective of supplier or customer (it can be any party ledger) there may situation to raise Credit Note and Debit Note. In the case of Credit Note the issuer is crediting the recipient. Whereas in the case of Debit Note the issuer is debiting the recipient.

How to create credit note in tally?

By default Credit Note and Debit Note in Invoice mode is disabled. you have to enable it, if you want it in Invoice mode. From the Gateway of Tally click Alt+F11 -> Inventory features and under invoicing section enable Credit Note and Debit Note in invoice mode.
debit note in invoice modeFrom the Gateway of Tally -> Accounting Vouchers : Click on Ctrl+F8: Credit Note on the Button Bar or press Ctrl+F8. You can toggle between voucher and Invoice mode by clicking Ctrl+V.
create credit note in tally