How to delete a company in tally? Suppose remove an unwanted demo or test company data that you don’t need any more. To delete a company in tally in Tally, you must first go to edit mode of that specific company. Then just press Alt+d. We will explain the procedure Step by Step.
1) first open that company in tally with administrator username and password (if there is security)
2) From the Gateway of Tally click Comp Info (button) or Alt+F3
3) Select “Alter” from the menu available
4) Tally will show list of companies. select the one, you want to delete.
5) Tally will show show the company alteration screen. Now press Alt+D
6) Tally will give you warning to confirm the delete.
7) If you press yes, that company will be deleted as shown in the picture below.


This company will be deleted physically from your hard drive and can’t undo it. There is no re-cycling bin in tally, so that you can restore it. So be carefull.
delete a company in tally