Import Data From Excel to Tally

Tally is one of the most simplest and easy manageable accounting software, available at present.Any person having a good commerce background and the basic principles of accounting can utilize tally’s most of the features very easily. It is a very simple bookkeeping software.
shifting from one software to another is a tedious job for everyone. one of the main reason is manually entering the one time master entries like account groups, ledgers, cost centers, stock groups, stock category, units, godowns, stock items etc. Entering those entries one by one will be time consuming.

On other side Excel is the simplest Microsoft application. And anyone can handle it very easy in Excel. all the programs gives the facility to export data to Excel or in text format. then again import this data into tally is only a button click with our tools. tally ERP itself is not not having the facility to import Excel data.

You need third party developed tools to import it. Accounts Arabia has the solution for this. Our developers has made this tools.

Importing ms excel data in to tally erp will be the procedure of transferring data in to tally.Erp database using their company database sources. The simplest way is always to complete this really is by two setup. First convert other database data in to excel( .Xls/ .Xlsx) format or will make direct data entry in to excel in the predefined format. Second step is always to select these file through a oral appliance button click will perform the import process. Subsequently it’s going to provide you with detailed report of successful import and unsuccessful import and the causes also.

This process can help one to manipulate your data in excel in a easy hand-on process and once you’ve created a new set of data, then can go in to this tool to import exactly the same. Especially this really is good for experts who’re good with excel and windows data processing can save plenty of time and avoid the tedious job of 1 to one data entry in tally.
Importing excel data saves the user plenty of time and reduces human error the most effective way possible.

The source data is called internal data source when it is located in files or folders inside your own personal personal computer.

Just remember how the data needs to be in the pre-defined format supported by the tally import tool.
either we do it for you or you can get the tool from us and can do it yourself. The Excel file should be in a pre-defined format. then only you can import.
the tool will give you the full report if any of the entries not imported. which line it occurred and why? so you can manually import those entries.
We have on-line and teamviewer support for our products.
All you’ll need is utility and the documentation. The utility is simply superb. open your Excel Sheet from your computer. no restriction for file location and filename. And hit the import button to import. Along with your entries will probably be posted direct to tally.