Accounts Arabia- Outsourcing Service

About our Accounts Outsource services

AccountsArabia’s services are perfectly designed to help organizations deal with unexpected challenges and hardships systematically. Proper financial records and accounting at Accounts Arabia can always maximize the efficiency of a business with reduced risk and making the entire system move smoothly.

Accounting & Bookkeeping Services-

Many small businesses, start-ups, and entrepreneurs find it difficult to hire someone with the right skills to prepare their company’s financial statements, manage bank account operations, analyze financial data, and prepare the outgoing invoices. Nowadays, it is even more challenging to find a qualified and eligible person at an affordable rate.
Even though it is commonly believed that accounting and bookkeeping must be done inside of the business, it is important to ask yourself, whether you have the necessary skills and experience to do this job. Due to this fact, it might be worth considering to outsource someone with the right knowledge and qualifications, who can do the same job more cost-effectively.

Methodology / How it works:

We have Trained FA and FAE to handle two different branches of accounting. One is financial accounting for which we need a Financial Accountant (FA) and the other is management & Review of Financial Accounts for which we need a Financial Accounting Expert (FAE).
Financial Accountant (FA)- Carries out day to day accounting work and are in charge of keeping track of the entire finances related to business. Their tasks involve recording, classifying, and summarizing in monetary terms. In simple words, they keep a track of entire

Financial transactions.

Financial Accounting Expert (FAE)- The task of an FAE is to supervise what FA has done. It involves reviewing and creating financial reports thereby ensuring further accuracy and efficiency. FAE also handles a lot of data analysis to make strategies for improving an organization’s financial health.

Our Accounts outsourcing model

Full-time FA, FAE- Regularity, Continuity in the workflow, Easy coordinating, Receive benefits
Part-Time FA, FAE – greater flexibility in scheduling, etc
Onsite/Virtual- High level of interaction, New processes, and latest technologies, Quality and valuable work and not just volume
Offshore- Standard, Well documented, Cost-sensitive, Skills widely available, Large volume transactions, etc.
Well, apart from record-keeping, there are data security concerns which Accounts Arabia effectively looks after. Taking this responsibility very seriously, we guarantee high security of client data and backup through sophisticated bookkeeping technology. State-of-art firewalls and other data security systems are there to prevent and control fraudulent attempts.

Accounts Payable Services

With an efficient Accounts Payable (AP) or Procure to Pay process, your organization will be able to manage working capital and cash flow better, develop and maintain strong vendor relationships, determine potential areas of cost-saving, increase organizational agility and comply with regulatory policies.
Following are the objectives of account payable

  • Improve linkage between AP and procurement
  • Cost Reduction
  • Timely report
  • Accuracy

Services Offered :

  • Invoice Imaging and storing
  • Invoice approval
  • Expense allocation
  • Online payment approval
  • Check to process
  • Handling of vendor inquiries

Accounts Receivable Services

For an organization to meet its goals in terms of cash flow, it needs to have effective Accounts Accounts Receivables process ensures that companies can get back their payments in a shorter duration of time, improve their collection rates and ensure faster processing of invoices which will all contribute to increasing the cash flow.

Following are the objectives of account receivable

  • Reducing Customer workload
  • Statutory Regulatory compliance monitoring
  • Maintaining billing accuracy
  • Safeguard against loss of Revenue

Services Offered

  • Order management
  • Customer billing
  • Customer aging
  • Collections management
  • Cash forecasting reporting

Credit Card Reconciliation Services

Today, an increasing number of companies are outsourcing bank/credit card reconciliation services to skilled vendors in India. Adopting this strategy can help the business free its precious resources and divert them towards more value-creating tasks. At the same time, an expert like Accounts Arabia ensures that the organization complies with all statutory and regulatory requirements.
When you outsource bank/credit card reconciliation services to us, we conduct a detailed check to verify your internal financial records and transactions to detect discrepancies, if any, and to reconcile the same. Also, since the reconciliation process provides details of your outstanding checks and any deposits in transit, we can help you conduct the requisite credit control activities

The objective for Bank  Services

Ensure Balance Accuracy
Speedy Rectification of Discrepancies
Detect Missing Entries

Services Offered :

Bank statement reconciliation with your bank statement
Credit card reconciliation with your statement records
Reconciliation of all cleared transactions, open deposits, and open checks.
Matching bank reconciliation balances to your trial balance for financial statement review.

Financial reporting is critical for any organization. Financial reporting involves the collection, analysis, summarization, and presentation of the financial health of a business.

The objective of  Financial Reporting Services

Save on the time involved in analyzing and preparing financial reports
Avoid spending money on costly financial reporting software
Improved and efficient decision making
Accurate and error-free analysis of data

Services Offered

    • Trial balance preparation
    • financial statements and financial reports
    • Accounts payable reports
    • Accounts receivables reports
    • Inventory reports
    • Cash Flow Statements
    • Dashboard reporting’s