POS stands for Point of Sale. pos software for small business could suggest a shop, a counter in a shop or any other place, in which a sales transaction takes place. The various POS equipment found in retail outlets are Cash registers, card readers and barcode scanners.
It is a computerized Cash Register which adds the sales total, calculates the change from the money tendered and automatically adjusts the store’s inventory to charge the quantity of inventory sold.

[media width=”400″ height=”225″ link=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L9kk-YRqGJk”] Features of POS invoicing in Tally are as follows:

1) Voucher Type with Voucher Class
2) Voucher Type without Voucher Class
3) Invoice with Single Payment
4) Invoice with Multimode Payment
5) Invoice using Voucher Class
6) POS Invoicing with Advanced Configurations
7) Invoice with Batch wise Details
8) Invoice with different Actual & Billed Qty
POS software for small business must be cost effective.The POS invoicing in Tally is very Simple, user friendly and Quick, its very easy to setup and use. It Facilitates quicker data calculations and entry, Enables you to determine sales and sale proceeds. Progress setting will come in Tally POS. It Manages inventory and helps bar code scanner operations. It also Supplies a flexible and simple way of querying your sales data and inventory
Helps you to monitor the movement of things and how much you’re spending on them. It Tracks and records the time and time of each sale made at the store. This Helps a faster printing of Invoices.