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Tally ERP 9 Accounting

Tally ERP 9 Accounting

Why Tally ERP 9 Accounting?:

The sole sensible approach to complete accounts would be to complete it without account codes, just regular names can be used in Tally ERP 9 Accounting. With unlimited amounts of classification, which you might define at will, Tally ERP 9 Accounting manages probably the most complex ledger systems with ease.

Unified Ledgers:

Tally ERP pioneered the concept of unified ledgers in which the typical, sales and purchase ledgers are integrated right into a single ledger and organised in groups for easy account management. This idea gives tremendous reporting power with ease of data entry.

Complete bookkeeping:

The complete range of bookkeeping facilities! Recording of all kinds of account transactions including receipts, payments, income and expenses, sales and purchases. Debit notes, credit notes, adjustment journals, memorandum journals also as reversing journals. Transaction data entry through unique voucher entry that’s easy and flexible to configure for diverse kinds of transactions.

Multi currency accounting:

Using the flexibility of multiple currencies in the identical transaction, and viewing all reports in one or even more currency. The fundamental criteria set out for emu handling are met by Tally ERP, letting you rest assured that you simply are able to meet the challenge.

Receivables and Payables:

Dynamically allocate payments against invoices with reference to due dates. Reports are classified, grouped, and aged for your definitions. Customisable reminders, for overdues, also as ‘payment performance’ – showing your good and bad paymasters!

Ratio Analysis:

A selection of key performance ratios offers you that bird’s eye view of the organization. It is definitely a single sheet performance analysis that puts you in total control of the organization.

Budgeting, auditing and security control:

Unlimited budgets and periods, (for instance, original and revised budgets), user definable security levels for access control, and powerful audit capabilities. The audit facility enables you to track malafide changes, while making genuine corrections with unparalleled ease.

“Scenario” management

Use optional, reversing journals and memorandum vouchers to aid in recording provisional entries useful for interim reports. For instance, use optional vouchers to record provisional sales and compare with actuals. Useful feature for forecasting and planning. Prepare reports including provisional figures without affecting actual accounts using automatic reversing journals.

Unlimited cost/profit centres – with power project oriented reporting:

Projects, depts, mktg. Zones are just a small number of analysis criteria it is possible to make use of with Tally ERP. With unlimited sub-classification, Tally ERP offers you multi-dimensional analysis and comparatives.


Multi-location stock control:

Use Tally ERP 9 Accounting for simple single-location, or complex multi-location stocks. Using the identical unlimited classification systems for your items, along with your personal units of measure. For instance, ‘bales of 64 lbs.’!

Comprehensive recording of stock movement:

All sorts of inventory transactions may be recorded using the inventory voucher forms that make inventory recording very easy and comprehensive. Vouchers include goods receipt notes, delivery notes, stock transfer journals, manufacturing journals also as physical stock journals. All stock movements are fully recorded and maintained in stock registers.

Variety of management reports:

Movement analysis that give party-wise details of goods bought and sold and help identify good and bad business partners. Stock query is really a unique single sheet report that gives information on stocks at different locations also as stock in hand of substitutes.

aged stocks analysis

This report will identify old stocks to aid in decisions associated using their quick disposal.
batch- related stock reports-like batch-wise reports and expiry date based details will enable stock control to become exercised towards the level of batches.
re-order levels and minimum order quantities. Be on surface of the stocks order position using the comprehensive order status reports in Tally ERP. Specify reorder levels in absolute quantities or depending on previous consumption.


Businesses in manufacturing can benefit immensely from Tally ERP by the following functions and features:

stock item classification as raw materials, are employed in progress, finished goods. The user also can create ledgers using the identical name under the group stock in hand. Once the user has deactivated the option ‘integrate accounts with inventory’ depending on the closing balances entered by the user tally erp 9 accounting automatically displays the total closing balances of all of the ledgers grouped under the group stock –in hand.

Bill of material with auto adjustments of stock

In many industries, especially assembly units you will find number of components active in the manufacture of finished items. It is extremely difficult to issue stock items each time something is manufactured. Such situations may be handled in tally Erp 9 through the use of bill of material. To create a bill of material, develop a new item (finished or intermediate product) and specify the components that go in to manufacturing of that finished / intermediate product. Now, using manufacturing journal, specify the quantity of items to become manufactured. Tally ERP immediately selects all items which go into manufacturing of the finished product and automatically adjusts (decreases) the stock. Any additional manufacturing cost like wages, power, water charges etc, may be added towards the worthiness of the manufactured product.

Additional cost of manufacturing with notional value and percentage:

When something is manufactured, apart from the component cost, you will find manufacturing costs like labor, electricity, accessories etc, that will has to be added towards the cost of the item. In Tally ERP, the additional cost may be added towards the item while entering stock journals or on the time of entering a manufacturing journal (use b.O.M). The user can specify additional cost being a % of the component cost and even specify a notional value.

Reason for sale(pos)

POS is definitely an acronym for reason for sale. Reason for sale could mean a retail shop, a check-out counter in the shop or other location, where a sales transaction takes place. The various pos equipment used in retail outlets are cash registers, card readers and barcode scanners. It is definitely a computerized check out which adds the sales total, computes the state sales tax or vat, calculates the change in the amount of money tendered and automatically adjusts the store’s inventory.

Tally erp 9 feature can help you to streamline your retail operations by automating the ‘have a look at’ process for you along with your visitors. It provides advanced capabilities with ease of use ensuring smooth retail operations. A one time configuration is all it requires for that pos feature to become activated.


The software is capable of handling simple pay slip generation in five easy steps to complex associated processes including handling loans and advances , salary revision and arrear calculation, deductions and ad-hoc payments etc.

Benefits of using Tally Erp 9 Payroll

Time allocated to processing salaries, manual and paperwork may be cut down to an excellent extent.
accurate and timely salary processing.
tracking and reviewing of employee’s absence and salary calculation as per the attendance is much easier.
generate the payment advice to instruct the bank for salary payment.
payslips may be printed, exported to excel or emailed towards the respective email accounts of the employees.
all payroll related reports may be generated using a click of your button.
above all, the payroll feature is completely integrated.