Tally implementation guide gives you an insight of the Tally implementation guidelines and your business specific configuration. Tally implementation guide will help you to avoid many mistakes which may not be corrected later. So it most important for anybody who is planning to implement tally. tally implementation guideThis is a continuation of my previous post Tally erp 9 implimentation.

Tally implementation guide – Checklist

1) Financial Period
It is a one year period from any starting date. However Internationally followed Financial Period is 01-04-any year to 31-03 starting year + 1
2) Accounting Starting Date(Book Beginning)
Any date within the financial period.
3) Allow Foreign Currency (Transaction?)
Required to create currency symbol, description, selling rate, buying rate. (Forex Table)
4) Do you have Inventory?
Stock Item creation. Stock category, stock groups, standard selling price etc.
5) Do you have Payroll?
By default disabled. It is a built-in module. Need to enable if required.
6) Do you have Remote user? (Internet user?)
Internet User. Need configuration to enable this feature.
7) You have to make a list of required Reports.
8) Do you Sell Services?
Service sale is different from stock item sale.
9) Checking All financial reports must tallying. (Do the auditing in the old system)
10) Verify physical Stock
11) Re-order level
12) Stock Item Valuation Method
13) Decimal (How many digits?)
14) Integrate Accounts with Inventory?
15) Bill wise detail? (Required for Aging Report)
16) Interest calculation (for delayed payments)
17) Budgeting required?
18) Branch Accounting?
19) Schedule Training for your staff
20) Department wise cost allocation?
21) Reversing Journal?
22) Multiple Store?
23) Job costing?
24) Batch for stock item? (Expiry Date)
25) Transaction Numbering Method
26) Do you have Sales man?
27) Sales / Purchase order processing
28) Multiple price list?
29) Additional cost of purchase?
30) Discount for sales / Purchase
31) Debit Note / Credit Note?
32) Create User list
33) User wise Security
34) Define Cost centers (department, salesman, project)
35) Groups Customer
36) Groups Suppliers
37) Groups Fixed Assets
38) Groups Expenses
39) Groups Stock Items
40) Employee Details (Like Passport No: Exp. Date, Contract Exp. Date, Etc)
41) Define Pay Heads
42) Define Invoice, PO, DN, GRN (Goods Recipt Note) Formats (If Pre-Printed forms required)