Tally Manufacturing Software includes Easy Production and Materials Management.
Manufacturing business produces items using the use of machines, tools and work. The process of manufacturing involves raw materials that are transformed into finished goods on a sizable scale.
Tally Manufacturing Software

Tally Manufacturing Software could benefit greatly by the following characteristics and features:

An individual can identify stock items as per his requirements. In manufacturing concerns an individual can largely have three broad classifications (Stock Groups) i.e.

  • Raw Materials
  • Work in Progress
  • Finished Items

All things that that are purchased to create a certain item is called Raw Material & is collected under the group ‘Raw Materials’, where as, something whose shape has changed, but has not reached its completed stage is called Semi-finished item. These products is likely to be grouped under the Group ‘Work-in-Progress’ and anything that is changed its form / nature completely and reached the ultimate form to offer are called completed Goods and is grouped under ‘Finished goods’ team. An individual may also produce ledgers with the name Raw Materials, Work-in-Progress and Finished items under the group Stock-in-Hand.
Extra cost of Manufacturing with notional value and percentage:
Other than the component cost, you’ll find manufacturing costs like labor, energy, components etc, that will need to be put into the cost of the product, whenever a product is manufactured. The user can specify additional cost as part of of the part cost as well as specify a notional value.
Bill of Material with auto adjustments of stock:
In several industries, particularly assembly units there are number of elements involved in the manufacture of finished items. It’s exceptionally difficult to issue each time to stock things a product is manufactured. Such situations could be handled in Tally.ERP 9 by utilizing Bill of Material. Now, using manufacturing newspaper, specify the quantity of items to be created. Tally.ERP 9 immediately selects all items that go directly into production of the finished product and immediately adjusts (decreases) the stock. Any extra production cost like wages, power, water costs etc, could be added to the value of the manufactured product.