What is Tally Customization, ? Why you need it? Where can you get it? What are the benefits of tally customization? How much it may cost you? Is it free? In the below sections we answer all the questions related to Tally Customization.
tally customization

What is Tally Customization?

Tally ERP 9, is the No.1 Business Management, Accounting and Inventory Management Software for the last 25 years.
Tally ERP 9 is empowered by latest technologies and continuously updated by a team of dedicated professionals.
By default tally is the most powerful business management software to run any business successfully irrespective of its nature of business. For the last 25 years of research and development, Tally’s built-in features are adequate to meet 99% of your requirement. In exceptional cases, there may some client specific requirements.
Tally provides a development environment to alter existing features or add new features is called Tally Customization.

Why you need Tally Customization?

With the help of a professional IT consultant, you can make a case study to evaluate you industry specific requirements. Tally is highly configurable, module by module. The one time initial setup is very important.
So a Tally professional only can judge that, you need any tally customization. (or only a proper configuration required.)

Where can you get it?

HO Riyadh, Istanbul St, As Sulay, Riyadh., Riyadh, Saudi Arabia - Phone: 0559009330 Secondary phone: 0566391155 Fax: Accounts Arabia Email: info@accountsarabia.com
Bin Saedan Trading with highly experienced people engaged in  Tally Customization for quite a long time. Our expertise are most competent to extend the capabilities of Tally products. These product enhancements get plugged in seamlessly to deliver a great user experience.

What are the benefits of tally customization?

  • It improves productivity
  • It automate data entry
  • Additional Security. Specific security rules(example:staging for approval)
  • Additional information storage (with extra fields)
  • Helps to create custom reports, Print outs that require specific columns, notes, page size; to fit pre-printed stationery. Documents like invoices, purchase orders with logos, specific formats, terms and conditions.
  • Additional fields to capture specific information.
  • Interface with 3rd party applications. Add a completely new functionality – business processes and operations
    Add extensions within Tally ERP 9 or externally and bridge. Extend to the web and mobile devices, including SMS notifications
  • Integrate With your employee attendance system. With other applications, where Tally ERP 9 delivers the accounting, financial & statutory capabilities With Shoper 9 Head Office for Tally ERP 9 at retail points
  • Business Verticals
  • Synchronization with special data transformations (Purchase Order & Sales Order)

How much it may cost you? Or is it free?

Tally customization cost is depend upon the requirement. pricing can be made only after feasible study. Even some of the tally customization are free with us or very minimal charges. We have 100’s of ready to use Tally customization add on modules. Each one for different purpose and for specific need as mentioned above.
Technological Information
Tally ERP 9 is architect-ed to be a platform and is designed to support extensive Customization. Tally ERP 9 comes with an execution Kernel, an interpreter and a development language Tally Definition Language (TDL). Using TDL, you can enhance or change the default behavior of Tally ERP 9. Extend core functionality by interfacing a bespoke application facilitated by Tally ERP 9’s support for custom built DLLs and XSLT.
TDL permits changes to user interface, document print outs, reports, functionalities, addition of data elements and business logic’s. Tally ERP 9 supports ODBC and import & export of data in standard data formats like XML & CSV. Tally ERP 9 has a SOAP listener, which helps in online integration and with other business tools.
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