Cloud Accounting Software Vs Desktop Accounting Software.

Cloud accounting software –   online accounting software – web-based accounting software – is accounting software that is hosted on a remote web server (computer). The web server’s physical location is unknown to the local user.

Whereas Desktop Accounting Software is installed on the user computer. Basically the access to desktop accounting software is only to the user of that computer. Installation and maintenance if the desktop accounting software in that computer-managed locally.

All Cloud software applications can be accessed by users via the internet or other networks via a cloud application service provider.

The Benefits of Cloud Accounting

  • Mobile access at any time.
  • cost and time-effective solution.
  • The risk of security, back-ups, and server maintenance is managed by the server administrator.
  • The client computer required only a browser to access cloud applications.
  • Access anywhere any device. The requirement is only an Internet connection and the Internet Browser.
  • Better control of your financial processes.
  • Cost-effective reduce power and energy.
But the Desktop accounting software is been installed and maintained on-premises. Can work offline. Internet connection not required. That is one of the majour advantages of  Desktop accounting software.