[pullquote style=”left” quote=”dark”] What is the Tally ERP 9? It’s the world’s fastest & most powerful Multilingual Business management software.[/pullquote] The world top #1 ERP software for the lowest price ever. What is the Tally ERP 9 makes the most popular accounting software? Riyadh 26th, April 2013 – India’s leading business management accounting software Company – Tally Solutions announced the release of Tally.ERP 9 Series ‘A’ Release 4.6 (download here for free), specifically made for smooth business execution. Bin Saedan Trading the Licensed Sales Partner, Authorized Integrator for Tally in Saudi Arabia. Bin Saedan Trading in Saudi Arabia works in parallel to Tally Solutions Pvt Ltd to accomplish the same purpose using its launch of the latest offering of the Tally software series..
What is the Tally ERP 9?With this new release, Tally introduces new features and enhanced features including the Bank portion feature that helps orders and processing, extending its reach in the Middle East with the introduction Arabic language interface and its bidirectional language feature, simplification of business processes via Job Work, an such like. With all this and a bunch of other new functions Tally becomes India’s most complete business management computer software and extends its reach beyond borders. At present there are a lot more than 50,000 users in Emirates and Saudi, tens of thousands of company’s already using this software to control their companies and growing tremendously.
Tally also provides another interesting feature that facilitates for inter-currency conversion. Tally allows the user to choose a currency (say SAR in this case) and turns the consolidated reports of most international branches of the company in to the same. Ergo, if your business model has branches in the US as well as UK, the stories is going to be churned out not with the corresponding ‘Dollar’ or ‘Pound’ prices however in ‘SAR.’ The user is however required by this facility to feed the existing currency exchange values in to the system to enable this function. Shoaib Ahmed, President, Tally Solutions (Pvt) Ltd said usually ‘Simple’ is confused with ‘Basic’, Tally.ERP 9 is very simple to utilize, yet extensive. The focus has gone to absorb the complexity of providing a simple yet functionally rich and flexible product. With the addition of the newest features, the ability of Tally.ERP 9 moved several notches up.
Tally ERP 9 is appropriate for languages that follow the best to left script. On choosing Arabic as the Display language, Tally.ERP 9 will move to the best to left software retaining most of the existing features and studies whole. This original feature will now help companies in the Middle East to communicate more readily with the others of the print, view and world stories from Arabic to English or Vice- Versa. ‘There is an excellent desire for Tally from various international companies because of the advanced language functions it’s.
Other compelling features of the new Tally ERP 9 Release 4.6 include the new banking module, improved Cheque printing purpose, work work module, image printing service and high level order management feature.
The Banking module now makes transactions more straightforward to record, execute, and check by filters such as dates, payment modes, and modes of transactions thereby simplifying documents making a course for clean bank reconciliations. In addition, it permits computerized carrying forward of the un-reconciled bank transactions from the current year to the following year. Thus it saves time, reduces errors and increases productivity.
The improved Cheque printing setting with another “Cheque Printing” report helps numerous cheques printing with ease. The initial advantage here is that the cheque details may also be recorded after printing.
The Task Work module promises to reduce cycle times, increase efficiency and cut costs; it has the ability to create easier production workflows and simplify inventory management. Numerous order tracking, tracking of stages of Work-In-Progress or evaluating the status of finished products becomes easy. So whether it’s stock valuation, generating a profit analysis on finished products or raising a bill of material and so on. Job Work function in Tally makes this seamless and possible. With reports and the picture printing service an individual could produce his logo on his bills.
Pre Closure of Orders allows final of pending orders without improving the prevailing orders and without making any additional articles. It will help in avoiding losses from dead stock and maintaining appropriate impending order summaries.
About Tally Solutions: Since its inception in 1986, Tally Solutions has basic business processes and enhanced the efficiency of small and medium-scale enterprises with inventory management computer software and its powerful business accounting. The business’s tremendous progress is checked by various research agencies and media houses who have called Tally as one of the fastest-growing computer software product businesses in India. Guided by its core philosophy “Power of Simplicity”, Tally Solutions has developed the codeless concept in accounting and business management software and continues to enhance by leveraging new technologies to offer capabilities and innovative features. The field of operations currently spans the Middle East, Africa, the Indian sub-continent, Asia-Pacific and the UNITED KINGDOM.
For its simplicity in use, flexibility in its technology — Tally has been the person of a quantity of awards and accolades – the exclusive IT National Excellence Award; 360 Magazine’s Golden Rhino Award; Franchise Award for best in Education Coaching & Training; VAR India Star Nite Award for Best Financial Software to name several. For more information, visit www.leengulf.com.
About Advanced Business Solutions: We’re a company engaged in the business of providing total software solutions that improve convenience at the job of our clients. Leen Gulf was established in the season 2003 and have reached an important growth during the past 8 years. We operate since the Sole Certified Master Route Spouse for ‘Tally’ Accounting and Inventory Management System. We provide state-of-the art full options with extended support services to the customers. Presently we own a great clients base in Saudi Arabia, who’re using our solutions to leverage their companies.
It’s our business to comprehend procedures and organizational methods and see how information systems can improve productivity. Some of the options we’ve presented are Attendance and Payroll Management, Freight Management, Customs Duty Calculation, etc..

01) Accounting Knowledge Not Required
02) Accounts Payable (A/P)
03) Accounts Receivable (A/R)
04) Automated Transactions
05) Budgeting
06) Costing
07) Double-Entry Accounting
08) Encryption
09) Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
10) General Ledger
11) Inventory Management
12) Manufacturing Management
13) MS Office Compatible
14) Multi-Currency
15) Online Accessibility
16) Online Backup
17) Payroll
18) Point of Sale
19) Product Lifecycle Management
20) Reporting Management
21) Supply Chain Management
22) Tax Preparation
23) Warehouse Management